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Trusted by 8,000+ patients, we provide ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment online by certified and licensed providers in your state.


$25/Month, No Subscription

At Klarity, we deliver professional ADHD care starting at $25/month, no subscription required

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Certified and Licensed

ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment from real healthcare experts


See Provider, Anytime

Schedule initial&follow-up visits with your provider anytime you need it

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Stable Treatment

Receive one-click refill without leaving home, for only $25/month (if applicable)

Focus on what you need

One-stop Solution to Manage ADHD

Whether you are looking for ADHD diagnosis or treatment, we have you covered.

Looking for Treatment?

If you are looking for customized ADHD treatment, our licensed medical professionals can evaluate your conditions and relieve your symptoms with a personalized plan.

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Step 1: 30min Online Visit

30min online visit with a licensed provider for treatment planning.

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Step 2: Pickup Medication

Pick up your prescription from your local pharmacy right after the visit (if applicable).

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Step 3: Online-Refill

One-click online refill at $25/mo. Follow up with your provider anytime you need it. 

Looking for Diagnosis?

If you are experiencing some ADHD-like symptoms, our licensed medical professionals can diagnose your symptoms and send you the evaluation report, with treatment if diagnosed.

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Step 1: 30min Online Visit

30min judgment-free, private online visit with a certified mental health provider.

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Step 2: Evaluation Report

Receive your diagnosis report after the visit.

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Step 3: Pickup Treatment

Pick up your first-month treatments and get symptoms relieved (if diagnosed).

The ADHD care you deserve

About Klarity

Over the years, we focus on one thing: Personalized and Simplified ADHD care. Now, Klarity is in 25+ states with 50+ licensed & certified medical experts, bringing you the worry-free & low-cost ADHD care you deserve.

8,000+ Patients 

Proudly trusted by 8,000+ patients across 25+ states.

25k+ Online Visits

Continuously serve our patient community.

Excellent Service For First-time Patient

"I received my evaluation the second day after submitting the form. Finally, there's someone I can fully trust and help me improve my quality of life."

Wade, B. Florida

Effective Treatment

"I was really hesitant at beginning of seeking an ADHD provider online until I tried Klarity with Dr. David. He improved my meds and I'm feeling much better now."

Jennis, F. Kentucky

Easy Refills

"I used to drive to my provider every month for a simple refill. Now I can just tap on my phone and receive my med on time each month. Magic! I should have this year ago."

Robert, L. New York

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