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Trusted by 15,000+ patients, Klarity provides services to deliver online ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment by certified and licensed health care professionals in your state.

Starting at $25/Refill, with no hidden fees.

$25/Refill, No Subscription

On Klarity, providers deliver professional ADHD care starting at $25/refill, no subscription required, no insurance needed

Certified and Licensed

ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment from real healthcare experts, received signed evaluation report immediately after visit

See Provider, Anytime

Schedule initial&follow-up visits with your provider anytime you need it

Stable Treatment

Receive one-click refill without leaving home, starting at $25/month (if applicable)

Focus on what you need

One-stop Solution to Manage ADHD
​And Co-existing Conditions



If you are looking for customized ADHD treatment, licensed medical professionals on Klarity can evaluate your conditions and relieve your symptoms with a personalized plan.

Looking for ADHD Treatment?


Step 1: Initial Online Visit

Attend an online visit with a licensed provider for treatment planning.


Step 2: Pickup Medication

Pick up your prescription from your local pharmacy right after the visit (if applicable).


Step 3: Online-Refill

One-click online refill at $25/mo. Follow up with your provider anytime you need it. 


If you are experiencing some ADHD-like symptoms, licensed medical professionals can diagnose your symptoms and send you the evaluation report, treatment will be included if diagnosed.

Looking for ADHD Diagnosis?


Step 1: Initial Online Visit

Attend a judgment-free, private online visit with a certified mental health provider.


Step 2: Evaluation Report

Receive your diagnosis report after the visit.


Step 3: Pickup Treatment

Pick up your first-month treatments and get symptoms relieved (if diagnosed). 

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Low Cost & Flexible

Best Pricing For You

No Subscription & Membership Required.

No Insurance Needed. Easy Out‑of‑Network Claims.

No Hidden Fees. HSA/FSA Eligible.


Next Appointment In 2 Days

*Free & easy cancellation&reschedule

*Schedule follow-up anytime you need it, no waiting

*Free transfer between providers, can stop anytime

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About Klarity

Over the years, we focus on one thing: Personalized and Simplified ADHD care. Now, Klarity is in 25+ states, partnered with 50+ licensed & certified medical experts, bringing you the worry-free & low-cost online services for ADHD care you deserve.

15,000+ Patients 

Proudly trusted by 15,000+ patients across 25+ states.

25k+ Online Visits

Continuously serving our client community.

Excellent Service For First-time Patient

"I received my evaluation the second day after submitting the form. Finally, there's someone I can fully trust and help me improve my quality of life."

Wade, B. Florida

Effective Treatment

"I was really hesitant at beginning of seeking an ADHD provider online until I tried Klarity with Dr. David. He improved my meds and I'm feeling much better now."

Jennis, F. Kentucky

Easy Refills

"I used to drive to my provider every month for a simple refill. Now I can just tap on my phone and receive my med on time each month. Magic! I should have this year ago."

Robert, L. New York


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See a provider today and start your personalized ADHD care online right away. Skip waiting, no more struggles.