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We make professional ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Accessible and Affordable to Everyone.

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Over the years, we focus on one thing: Personalized and Simplified ADHD care. Now, Klarity is in 25+ states with 50+ licensed & board-certified medical experts, bringing you an easy & low-cost solution for ADHD management.

8,000+ Patients 

Proudly trusted by 8,000+ patients across 25+ states.

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Klarity works with 50+ practitioners across 25+ states.

Excellent Service for First-time Patient

I received my evaluation the second day after submitting the form. Finally, there's someone I can fully trust and help me improve my quality of life.

Wade, B. Florida

The patient was feeling inattentive for a long time and got diagnosed with ADHD after I reviewed all his information.


Summer S, PMHNP

Effective Treatments!

I was really hesitant at beginning of seeking an ADHD provider online until I tried Klarity with Dr. David. He is so caring, and professional. I trust all of his feedback, advice, and decisions, and always feel that I am in the care of the most competent hands. He improved my meds and I'm feeling much better now.

Sami, S. Kentucky

This patient was diagnosed with mild ADHD. This type of symptoms can be treated with non-stimulant meds, with some ADHD focus trainings.

David S, MD

Easy Refill

I used to drive to my provider every month for a simple refill. Now I can just tap on my phone and receive my med on time each month. Magic! I should have this year ago. 

Jenny, L. Ohio

Given the patient's medication history, she is well established with her current medication plan.

Ekaete J, PMHNP

We care, so we bring you the best

Only the top 1% of psychiatric providers in each state can join Klarity

Average 10+ Years Experience in Adult ADHD

Over 98% Service Satisfaction Rate