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Concerned you may have ADHD? We can help! Simply take an easy 2-minute self-evaluation to see whether you may have ADHD symptoms.


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Get the answers you need with a quick and easy ADHD test online and, if indicated we’ll connect you with a medical professional who can provide a diagnosis and help you get treatment for your ADHD. The 2-minute self-evaluation asks some basic questions, then drills down to discover more about your possible ADHD symptoms.

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ADHD Symptoms

If you experience some or all of these symptoms of ADHD and wonder if you may have the disorder, take the ADHD test offered by Klarity


The Common Adult ADHD Symptoms

  • Impulsivity

  • Poor time management skills

  • Disorganization

  • Problems focusing on tasks

  • Problems completing tasks

  • Trouble multitasking

  • Restlessness

  • Inability to plan well

  • Frequent mood swings

  • Trouble coping with everyday stress

  • Tendency to anger quickly

Are you experiencing these symptoms of adult ADHD? If you wonder whether you might have the disorder or other mental health issues, take the ADHD test on Klarity to learn more.


Why Take The ADHD Test Online

Dealing with ADHD symptoms on your own can be frustrating and exhausting. It’s easy to doubt yourself and your self-diagnosis of possible ADHD. You feel as though you’re alone, and you need reassurance that your experiences are valid. In addition, you may tend to minimize your symptoms and continue to suffer without knowing for sure whether you actually have the disorder. The quick and easy 2-minute self-evaluation offered on Klarity can help answer your questions.


 It’s important to remember that the test itself is only a helpful indicator – it does not provide an official diagnosis. If our self-evaluation indicates that you may have ADHD we’ll connect you with a qualified practitioner who can diagnose your condition and provide treatment.


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