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Struggling with ADHD symptoms? Skip waiting, get a clinical diagnosis online and start personalized treatment to relieve the symptoms instantly (if applicable). 

Early Intervension is the Key

From Diagnosis To Treatment

Do you feel that you have struggled throughout your life with poor concentration, getting organized or time management? The truth is, most ADHD symptoms CAN BE TREATED after diagnosed by medical professionals.

Now it's time to receive a judgment-free and professional diagnosis from a medical expert who can help you solve the problems. Remember, early intervention is the key to protect your mental health. Klarity is always here to help you access the care you need to manage your ADHD, anxiety, depression & insomnia.

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Common Symptoms For Adult ADHD Can Be Treated

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a psychiatric condition that affects the everyday lives of 9 million in the United States. Start changing your life for the better today.

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At Work/School
  • Trouble getting organized.

  • Stress Thinkings.

  • Jumping from task to task.

  • Poor time management.

  • Trouble sitting still.

At Home
  • Forgetful in daily activities such as returning calls, keeping appointments.

  • Loses things like homework, keys, wallets, and phones.

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Social Situations
  • Difficulty waiting for a turn.

  • Frequently interrupts or intrudes on others.

  • Talks excessively.

  • Poor social connections.

Receive Accommodations for School and Work

Professional Evaluation
Accepted Nationwide

Klarity brings you an easy & low-cost solution for ADHD management.
Klarity brings you an easy & low-cost solution for ADHD management.

For School:

Document is required to apply for accommodation in college when you have ADHD

For Work:

Employees with ADHD can require the employer to provide reasonable accommodation with medical proof


(sample pictures, your evaluation report print may vary depending on your provider)

From Diagnosis To Treatment

How It Works

From clinical diagnosis to personalized treatments, your care providers target directly the symptoms you would like to improve.


Step 1:
Online Clinical Diagnosis

Choose one of our board-certified medical providers and join an online video call. Receive a certified evaluation result at the end of the online visit.

You can use your diagnosis report for school or work.

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Step 2:

Treatment & Symptoms Relieve

If diagnosed, after the visit, your first-month treatment will be sent to your preferred local pharmacy for pickup (if applicable). Follow the instruction and relieve your symptoms instantly. No additional visits or charges are required for you to receive your first prescription.


Step 3:

Follow up with your provider

Your provider will follow up with you regularly(usually every month) to stay on top of your conditions, refill, and optimize your treatment. Meanwhile, you may message your provider anytime if you have a question or request to schedule additional video visits anytime you need it.

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Personalized & Effective

Treatment to Improve Mental Health

Customized treatment based on your evaluation result.

We focus on the symptoms you have and will find the treatment that works for you.

Stimulant Medications

In some cases, stimulants work well for the patients and can be used for first-line treatment. 

Non-Stimulant Medications

Non-stimulant medications may be appropriate for adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD and certain coexisting conditions.

SSRI's, SNRI's & Others

Commonly used medication for depression & anxiety. Useful for the concurrent conditions with ADHD.

Counseling & Therapy

Besides medication, licensed providers will relieve your stress and help you to accomplish your goal via online private follow-up sessions. 

You also will get ...


Evaluation reports from providers available for work and school. 

Evaluation Report

Optimize your prescription along continuously.

Treatment Optimize

Message your provider anytime and get your symptoms monitored 7*24.

Instant Message

Continuously support your treatment nationwide.

Nationwide Support

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Low Cost & Flexible

Professional Diagnosis with Affordable Price

No Subscription & Membership Required.

No Insurance Needed. Easy Out‑Of‑Network Claims.

No Hidden Fees. HSA/FSA Eligible.


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*Schedule follow-up anytime you need it, no waiting

*Free transfer between providers, can stop anytime

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