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How Much is Anxiety Medication Without Insurance?


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If you have an anxiety disorder but don’t have adequate health insurance coverage, it can feel difficult or even impossible to access the medications you need. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. In this article, we will go over the typical cost of prescription drugs for anxiety without insurance, as well as a number of ways to save money. 

If you are looking for affordable anxiety treatment, let Klarity help. We’ll connect you with a licensed healthcare provider in your state for straightforward online telehealth appointments. No insurance is necessary, and your provider will work with you to prescribe a cost-effective anxiety medicatio, if necessary.  

Schedule an appointment and be seen by a mental health professional in just 48 hours. 

Average Cost of Common Anxiety Medications

The average cost of a 30-day supply of anxiety medication will vary based on your insurance coverage, your dosing, which medication you are on, and which pharmacy you use. 

The retail price of most anxiety medications is typically a few hundred dollars a month. But with the help of coupon codes and generic options, the cost can be significantly lowered to a more affordable price, typically under $50 per month, with the majority under $10. 

Coupon codes are available at most large name-brand pharmacies in the US, such as Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS. You can also look up the average price of your medications before you meet with your healthcare provider to determine which pharmacy has the lowest prices for your specific drug. 

Can You Buy Anxiety Medication Over the Counter?

No, unfortunately, you can’t buy anxiety medications over the counter. You will need to be seen by a licensed healthcare professional to be prescribed anxiety medication. 

This is for good reason, as there are many side effects and interactions that need to be considered when starting a new medication. Your healthcare provider will help guide you through the different medicines to find your optimized treatment regimen. 

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Other Costs of Having Anxiety

There are other forms of treatment that your healthcare provider may recommend to treat anxiety disorders, such as monthly therapy sessions or over-the-counter natural remedies. However, these modalities may not work on their own, and can instead add to the total cost of treatment on top of your prescriptions. 

Additionally, most traditional mental health services come with their own costs related to in-person visits. You may have to spend money on gas or transportation, pay expensive co-pays, or lose hours at work to get on a psychiatrist’s lengthy waitlist. 

How to Save Money When Buying Anxiety Medication Without Insurance

We know how intimidating it may be to address your anxiety symptoms without health insurance. Below, we have gathered some tips on how to save money while treating your anxiety. 

Save With Coupons

You can save big with coupon subscriptions like SingleCare, America’s Pharmacy, and Optum Perks to get your prescribed medication at the most affordable rate. The providers on Klarity can help you find the best coupon and send it to your pharmacy to avoid the hassle of searching for the best deal. 

Buy Generic Brands Instead of Name Brands

Most medications used to treat anxiety are available in generic and name-brand forms. Ask your physician or pharmacist if there are generic medications available in place of your brand-name drugs, 

This can save you money each month, and since name-brand and generic drugs are comprised of the same chemicals, there shouldn’t be any issues with switching to the generic version of your medication. 

See If You Qualify For a Patient Assistance Program

There are many different patient assistance programs to help cover your medications. These programs are typically funded by the drug companies that produce the medicines, nonprofits, or state-funded programs. Patient assistance programs can either cover the entire cost of your medication or significantly reduce the cost, saving you hundreds of dollars when compared to the retail price. 

Depending on which specific medication you are prescribed, you can look online to see if you are eligible for assistance programs that may be available to you. 

Choose a Telehealth Provider

Online psychiatry options save you money by skipping the hassles of seeing a psychiatrist in person. Telehealth providers ultimately cut out costs associated with an in-office visit, like copays or transportation. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable telehealth provider, Klarity can help.

Get Affordable Online Anxiety Treatment in Less Than 48 Hours With Klarity

If you don’t have health insurance or have inadequate prescription drug coverage, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through your anxiety alone. At Klarity, we offer quality telehealth care at an affordable rate, with no insurance or subscriptions necessary. We are upfront with our costs, and you know what you pay for before signing up. An initial online visit is $149, and our monthly refill service starts at only $25.*

Schedule an appointment on Klarity today, and we will connect you with a licensed healthcare provider in your state within 48 hours. 

*This does not include the cost of prescription medications.


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