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Where to Find Adderall During the 2022 Shortage


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Due to supply chain and labor issues, the FDA announced an Adderall shortage in October 2022. Abrupt changes in your medication schedule can be stressful when you’re trying to manage work, school, and other responsibilities. 

If you’re forced to stop taking your medication, the ADHD symptoms that once impacted your mood, focus, and daily functioning can start interfering with your life again. Impulsive behaviors can become harder to control and you might start to make risky or rash decisions.

The Adderall shortage leaves people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in a tough spot.

Some people choose to ration their existing Adderall and use it only when absolutely necessary. Others might search for Adderall alternatives. How can you find Adderall during the 2022 Adderall shortage? 

In this post, Klarity offers tips for finding Adderall during the Adderall shortage. As it turns out, with some persistence and luck, you may be able to fill your Adderall prescription or find a safe and effective Adderall alternative.

Klarity makes getting ADHD treatment easy—all you have to do is take our brief, 2-minute evaluation, and we’ll connect you with an ADHD-trained medical provider who can diagnose ADHD and prescribe ADHD treatment online—whether it’s Adderall or an Adderall alternative.

We’ll help you find effective ADHD medications online, whether there is an Adderall shortage or not.

Finding ADHD Medication During the Adderall Shortage

Refilling your Adderall prescription when there’s an Adderall shortage can be tricky, so it’s important to plan ahead when possible. Let’s explore your options for how to find Adderall or effective Adderall alternatives during this Adderall shortage.

Check Other Pharmacies Around Town

If your regular pharmacy cannot fill your prescription for Adderall, you can check to see if other pharmacies in your area have an available supply. Additionally, you can ask your pharmacist to only partially fill your prescription so that you have some medication to hold you over until you can get your full refill.

On Klarity, your provider can send your prescription to any pharmacy you choose, making it easier for you to fill your prescription and get relief from ADHD symptoms. 

Adderall Alternatives To Consider During the Adderall Shortage

There are alternative attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment options available like Ritalin, Modafinil, Guanfacine, and natural supplements like Vyvamind that can help manage your ADHD symptoms.

These alternative ADHD medications are considered safe and effective treatments for ADHD patients. Some of the following are stimulant medications, while others have different modes of action for treating ADHD.

  1. Ritalin

Like Adderall, Ritalin is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that alleviates ADHD symptoms like inattention and impulsive behavior. It works faster than Adderall and doesn’t last as long, but it can be a solid option to discuss with your healthcare provider.

  1. Modafinil

Modafinil, sold under the brand name Provigil, is another CNS stimulant that promotes alertness and reduces drowsiness caused by narcolepsy or sleep work disorder.  While it is not FDA-approved to treat ADHD symptoms, it can be prescribed off-label as an alternative treatment.

  1. Intuniv

Guanfacine, or Intuniv, is a nonstimulant in the central alpha agonist class of medications that increases attention span and reduces impulsivity. It can take longer to work than Adderall and is also prescribed to treat people with low blood pressure. 

  1. Vyvvamind

Vyvvamind is an over-the-counter natural supplement with active ingredients like B6, B12, L-Tyrosine, Choline, L-Theanine, and Caffeine Anhydrous. Because these vitamins promote focus and motivation without the risk of dependency, Vyvamind can be a good option for you while you’re waiting to fill your Adderall prescription.

While these alternatives have similar results, they can have different side effects and interactions. Always talk to your healthcare provider before changing your medication. 

Can Adderall Be Bought Over the Counter?

Because Adderall is a Schedule II controlled substance, it cannot be purchased without a prescription and isn’t available over the counter. Selling controlled substances without the proper authorization is illegal and can put your safety at risk. 

Without a prescription, there’s no way to regulate the quality of the medication, and it could be laced with harmful substances like fentanyl that could be fatal. You should only get your medication filled by a trusted pharmacy to ensure your medication is safe to consume.

Luckily, Klarity makes receiving online ADHD medication hassle-free. All you need to do is take our free, brief ADHD assessment, and you’ll be able to speak with an ADHD-trained medical provider in 48 hours or less. 

If ADHD treatment is right for you, Klarity will send your ADHD medication to a pharmacy of your choice.

Summary of Finding Adderall During the Adderall Shortage

If you’re finding it difficult to find Adderall and fill your Adderall prescription due to the Adderall shortage, you can:

  • Use online platforms like Klarity to find Adderall alternatives until the Adderall shortage is over.
  • Contact multiple pharmacies in your area to see if you can fill your Adderall prescription there.
  • Ask your pharmacist if they can provide a partial refill to tide you over until you can find a suitable ADHD medication.
  • Consider finding natural supplements to help you cope with ADHD symptoms during

For more information, connect with a medical provider on Klarity who will help you find the right treatment plan. 

Contact Klarity for Help Finding Adderall or An Adderall Alternative Online

Navigating mental healthcare can be overwhelming—especially if you can’t fill your Adderall prescription and must find Adderall alternatives for ADHD treatment.

If you need to urgently speak with a medical provider about finding Adderall or an Adderall alternative to manage your ADHD symptoms, Klarity can connect you with one in as little as 48 hours

Find your provider who you can meet with virtually from the comfort of your home and help you find a suitable ADHD medication to use during the shortage. 


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