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All licensed & certified medical professionals available on your calendar. Klarity's medical practitioners have an average of over 10 years of practice experience with ADHD patients.


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Providers on Klarity

Providers on Klarity are ready to work with you to evaluate ADHD conditions, prescribe medication, and provide therapy.

Donisha Pardue, PMHNP

I am honored to help my ADHD patients, providing accurate diagnostics and treatments. I'm passionate about treating the whole patient…heart, mind, body, and soul.

Benjamin Domingo, FNP-BC, MSN

My approach is whole-patient focused and met with a kind, empathetic approach while maintaining the highest ethical and practice standards.

Summer Sievert, PMHNP

My main goal is to treat the patient's symptoms and never judge them for what they may be going through. I believe in always supporting my patients and acting as their advocates, as well.

Francisca Ogu, PMHNP

I will provide patient-centered care tailored to their needs individually, and my passion is patient education and awareness, which are key factors in effectively managing ADHD.

Robert P. Carrozza, PMHNP

My goal is to bring a humanistic philosophy of holistic care for both mind and body and an abiding commitment to individualized, personalized, and comprehensive care for patients.

Angel Williams-Kent, PMHNP

I’m experienced in ADHD treatment in adults along with side with anxiety, anxious & depression. I aim to partner with patients in providing excellent medical care that is accessible and cost-effective.

Candice Schrodetzki, PMHNP

I specialize in ADHD treatment across the lifespan, intending to help you grow from your struggles and overcome barriers that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential.

Jamie Deputy, PMHNP

I believe it is important to understand the impact their ADHD has on all aspects of their life. I discuss the impacts on home, work, and school with my patients and treat them accordingly.


What the Provider Says

“We have a problem of under prescribing for ADHD which has impeded people from getting an appropriate level of care” 


—  Dr. Serena Colley

     Klarity Provider