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Online ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

Convenient ADHD diagnosis and treatment for Scottsdale, AZ residents.

Online treatment starts at $25/month—book your appointment now!

Same Day Appointments Available

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$25/month, no subscription

Effective ADHD treatment at a minimal cost.

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ADHD care around your schedule

Schedule an online appointment when it’s convenient for you.

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Certified and Licensed

A certified ADHD healthcare provider for Scottsdale, AZ.

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Convenient treatment

Get fast and easy ADHD treatment in your home.

Focus on what you need

Your mental health is vital.
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Looking for ADHD Treatment?

Online treatment for your ADHD.

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Step 1: 30-minute online visit

Speak with a certified ADHD healthcare specialist right away.

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Step 2: Pick up medication

Pick up your medication at your preferred pharmacy.

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Step 3: Online refill

Fast and simple ADHD medication refills.

Looking for ADHD Diagnosis?

Suffering from ADHD symptoms? Contact us today.

see provider any time

Step 1: 30-minute online visit

Get your ADHD diagnosis in 30 minutes. 


Step 2: Evaluation Report

Share your official diagnosis with work or college.

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Step 3: Pickup treatment

Pick up your prescription and begin feeling better.

Low Cost & Flexible

Best pricing, convenient appointments.

No Subscription & Membership Required. No Insurance Needed. Easy Out‑of‑Network Claims. No Hidden Fees. HSA/FSA Eligible.

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*Free & easy cancellation & reschedule 
*Schedule follow-up anytime you need it, no waiting
*Free transfer between providers, can stop anytime

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The ADHD care you deserve

Scottsdale, AZ Online ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment

Klarity provides fast, effective online ADHD diagnosis and treatment in Scottsdale, AZ. Our licensed Arizona-based ADHD healthcare providers can help you combat ADHD symptoms like restlessness, forgetfulness, and impulsivity. 

If you’ve been struggling with ADHD symptoms, take our free online ADHD evaluation. Your initial screening and appointment with a certified and licensed Arizona ADHD healthcare provider is $149 (one-time fee). Monthly medication management is only $25/month after that. Appointments are secure, simple, and you’ll be seen within two days’ time. 

Take charge of your ADHD symptoms. Take back control of your life with Klarity. 

If you’re a Scottsdale, AZ resident with ADHD, or if you suspect you may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, schedule an appointment on Klarity today. 

We serve the following areas throughout Arizona:

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Proudly trusted by 15,000+ patients across 25+ states.

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Continuously serving our client community.

Excellent Service For First-time Patient

I received my evaluation the second day after submitting the form. Finally, there's someone I can fully trust and help me improve my quality of life."

Wade, B. Florida

Effective Treatment

"I was really hesitant at beginning of seeking an ADHD provider online until I tried Klarity with Dr. David. He improved my meds and I'm feeling much better now."

Jennis, F. Kentucky

Easy Refills

"I used to drive to my provider every month for a simple refill. Now I can just tap on my phone and receive my med on time each month. Magic! I should have this year ago."

Robert, L. New York

Get Clarity With Klarity Today

See a provider today and start your personalized ADHD care online right away. Skip waiting, no more struggles.

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